The Zero Date
Go out there and play with fire you adrenaline junkie!

Have you ever jumped out of a plane or motorcycled over a pool of sharks? Would you like to have someone by your side through all this?

Let’s seek the greatest thrill in life: love. If you’re in the LA or San Francisco areas, join our Thrillseeker Date Night to find that person who pushes the boundaries.
Show up,
meet your dates,
and connect over your shared love for adventure

See you there!
The Zero Date takes all the best parts of a house party and online dating and wraps them into one. We will lead you through a series of fun, high-energy dates designed to help you break the ice, embrace the unexpected, and build connections that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.
What to expect?
This is a 30-minute virtual speed dating style event, making it a great choice for people who want a quick dose of excitement.
What's the vibe like?
So, how does this work?
Get up to 6 dates in 30 min
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Date Night
for Thrill Seekers