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Is The Zero Date Free?

Short answer, yes. We’ll have some premium upgrades available later this year for anyone interested. Date Night will always be free, though.

Can I access video dates on my laptop?
Of course you can! We want you to be as comfortable as possible during Date Night. And being on your phone isn’t always an ideal situation. Need to switch? You can go back and forth between the mobile app and the web app. Do whatever is best for you!
What if I’m late to Date Night?
It’s best to show up at 7 to get the whole experience, but we know that’s not always doable. So feel free to show up anytime between 7 and 7:30; you’ll just get fewer dates.
I’m just not vibing with this person. Can I leave a date early?
Sometimes things don’t work out. And that’s fine! If you need to leave a date early, just be nice about it. However, if you make a habit of leaving dates early without any reason, your account could be suspended.
What’s everyone like?
We’re a group of fun, non-judgy, laid-back people who value face-to-face connections.
We’d love for you to join us!
Can I get more than 6 dates?

If we find someone that we know you’ll click with, you’ll get the chance to join a bonus date. Lucky you!

Does The Zero Date share any personal information with third parties for their own advertising purposes?

No way! We only collect information that's absolutely necessary to bring you dates. Your personal information is only used for this purpose and is not shared with third parties for their own advertising. 

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