The Zero Date

Ice Breakers

This set of customizable questions breaks the ice for singles with the perfect balance of relatable life & lifestyle questions to get a sense of the chemistry between 2 people.
The non-nauseating ice breaker for singles
awkward silences and pauses
questions that are generic and less thoughtful
random questions that don’t help you learn more about your date on a personal level
recognizes everyone’s desire to feel heard and seen
asks lifestyle-related + personal questions to get a sense of the other person and if you’re a fit for each other
people can get out of autopilot small talk and practice having good conversation and how to be present
Old Ice-Breakers
Anti Ice-Breakers
First off, what’s the difference?
Why are these superior to regular icebreakers?
These tips go beyond just our Date Nights, but to help you facilitate your dream meet-cute!

Fun with the date: 1 min
(1 min*) the basics: name... (what else?)
The first minute is all about the body language, huh! This is the first time you’re meeting and the way they react means everything. Direct eye contact, a smile, or pauses in conversation could mean they’re liking what they’re seeing. To make it easier to read these signs, ask simple questions like their name and how their day was.

Active listening:
  • Take a moment to listen to your date’s responses. No thinking or interrupting (sorry INFJs), and leave all judgments at the door.
  • Have any questions about a book or anything else they’ve talked about? Start a healthy debate on who has the best ——.

Ice Breakers

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